Workshop UK

Workshop – Cardiff – June 2019

Title: HazRunoff – Workshop with UK stakeholders
Responsible Partner: PHE
Date & location: 20th June 2019, Cardiff (UK)
Description: A one-day workshop to present and discuss project outputs and their application using as example the UK case study. The target audience was focus on those involved in emergency planning and preparedness, particularly around flooding and hazmat incidents, in UK.
Spanish case study: area Severn and Bristol Channel
Agenda: Workshop Cardiff Program

Partners Presentations:
– IST: Overview of the HazRunoff project
– IST: Integrated water cycle modelling: filling the existing gaps
– Bentley: Digital toolkit for situational awareness & crisis management
– CEDRE: Learning from past incidents; preparing for the future
– EOMAP: Reviewing the potential of integrating satellite-based remote sensing technologies
– PHE: Alerting and Detection: Novel Approaches

Stakeholders Presentations:
– Chelsea Technologies Ltd: Pollutant Monitoring
– Natural Resources Wales: Flood Forecasting and Warning in Wales