Workshop Portugal

Workshop (online) – Loures – May 2020

Title: HazRunoff – Project Final Workshop
Responsible Partner: IST and Municipality de Loures
Date & location: 27th May 2020, online
Description: Workshop to present and discuss with the key stakeholders the integrated system of early warning, monitoring and response to episodes of pollution associated with floods developed within the framework of HazRunoff.
Portuguese case study
Agenda: HazRunoff_Workshop_Program
Poll: HazRunoff_Workshop_Poll

Partners Presentations:
– IST: HazRunoff Overview
– IST: Modeling Strategy
– EOMAP: Near Real Time Satellite
– CEDRE: Learning from past incidents
– PHE: Social media analytics as an alerting tool
– Bentley: Awareness and response tools

Stakeholders Presentations:
– EMODnet Physics: ETT SpA EMODnet Physics from data to services