Workshop Spain

Workshop – Vigo – February 2019

Title: HazRunoff – Workshop with Spanish stakeholders
Responsible Partner: CETMAR
Date & location: 1st February 2019, Vigo (Spain)
Description: Workshop to present and discuss with the key stakeholders the integrated system of early warning, monitoring and response to episodes of pollution associated with floods developed within the framework of HazRunoff.
Spanish case study: Ulla River and Estuary
Agenda: Workshop Vigo Program

Partners Presentations:
– IST: HazRunoff Overview
– Bentley: Digital toolkit towards improved situational awareness & crisis management. The Galician context
– CEDRE: Lessons learnt from a medium in a estuary
– EOMAP: Detecting, sensing and sampling
– IST: Integrated Water Cycle Modelling in Galicia
– PHE: Public Health England Novel Tools for Planning Preparedness and Response

Stakeholders Presentations:
– Augas de Galicia: Gestión de Inundaciones en Galicia-Costa
– Civil Protection: Plan Especial de Protección Civil Ante el Riesgo de Inundaciones en Galicia
– Confederación Hidrográfica del Miño-Sil: Estudio de zonas inundables y control hidrológico en la DH Miño-Sil
– Confederación Hidrográfica del Miño-Sil: Estudios de Zonas Inundables y Control Hidrológico en la Dhms
– Galician Coastguards: Resources to respond to marine emergencies
– INTECMAR: Plan Camgal and marine pollution from land
– MeteoGalicia: Improvements in flood forecast